In this chapter, Lin Daiyu hide from Xue Baochai and Jia Baoyu when he accompany the first out of his place. Seeing Baoyu so joyful with Baochai, Daiyu start to cry in front of Baoyu's house. Realizing that crying there was stupid, she decide to go home. The next day, all the girls of the Daguanyuan goes to play but Daiyu seems missing. Baochai come to look for her and find some butterfly that she start to hunt. She also hear a confersation between Xiaohong and another maid talking about Jia Yun. Finally she arrive at Daiyu's place but Baoyu is already there so she return playing with the others. Baoyu on his side is ignored by Daiyu but doesn't understand why. She still come to join the other. After a bit of talking, Jia Tanchun ask to talk in private with Baoyu. After that conversation, when Baoyu return, he find that Daiyu is missing. He then think that he better wait a few day that Daiyu calm down before he go see her. When he return home he sees flowers on the floor and decide to bury them like Daiyu used to. The chapter ends when he arrive at the petals burial place and hears a sad poem.